How to ORDER

Every bike we make at RebulaMTB is tailored to the rider. We do this because our tested and trusted designs work best when adapted to your unique riding position and body shape.

  1. Get in touch, get excited

    Whether you’re interested in a proven design, or something fresh and custom, we’re here to help answer any questions to make sure you’re ready to choose a RebulaMTB. Contact us so we can learn about you and how to build your best bike

  2. Reserve your spot

    When you’re ready to get going, we start with a non-refundable deposit of $500. This gets the ball rolling.

  3. Fit and design

    We’ll work with you to get info about your existing bikes and your body, and even better if you have a bike fitter nearby - we’ll all work together to make sure the bike fits you naturally and feels fantastic. You can download our fit forms here if you’d like to start on your own at home or with a fitter. We’ll start with our Standard build package, with complete mountain bikes starting at $4500, and you can choose to upgrade from there. By the end, you’ll have a customized geometry for your unique bike, and build kit details, and when you’re ready to move ahead you’ll send another deposit for 50% of the bike.

  4. build & Delivery

    Once we’ve got everything ready to roll, we’ll weld up your bike, get it painted and finished, and assembled. With the bike ready to roll, we’ll accept the final remaining payment and send it out the door to you. Bikes come mostly assembled, and if you ordered yours with our travel kit, it arrives almost ride-ready - just 30 mins and you’ll be rolling out for your first shred.

  5. Ride the wheels off

    Go have fun. Ride hard. Smile big. Maybe send us a postcard from your adventures?